Monday, September 25, 2006

Plant Parts

Dear Parents,

We are now learning about plant parts in science. The plant parts we are learning about are:
1. roots
2. stems
3. leaves
4. flowers
5. fruit
6. seeds

Learning about plant parts are part of our science TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills). Your child should be able to observe and record the function of plant parts.

Here are some Internet sites that you and your child can explore together. All of the sites will help your child learn about plant parts.

At the Plant Parts site, read about what all the different parts of a plant can do. Then watch a plant grow . . . right before your eyes! As you watch the life cylce of a plant, help your child identify all the parts. What fun!

At the Build a Salad site, your child meets the plant parts (leaf, stem, fruit, root, and flower). Help your child classify those part, as he or she builds a healthful salad. You will also find shopping lists and salad recipes . . . just in case you want to create a real salad at home. Yum!

This one's just for fun. At the Growing Plants site, you can watch the plant grow as you water it. Be sure to get more water if you run out! The plant needs plenty of water and sunlight to grow to its full height. Are you a good grower?

Now this one's easy! At the Growing Minds site, you can drag and drop the parts of a plant into their right places. See how quickly you can do it!

Want to solve a mystery? Yeah! At The Great Plant Escape site, you can help Detective LaPlant solve the mystery of plant life. To solve this case, you have to identify the parts of a plant, what each part does, and how plants grow. Good luck!

Enjoy learning about plant parts and exploring the learning activities together. More next week!

Ms. Ray

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Welcome to the Science Is Fun 4 Us edublog. At this edublog site you will find links to resources, games, and other activities that you can do with your child. These all support science instruction. Have fun!

Ms. Ray